BRADFORD Bulls' George Flanagan is adamant his team are the most fitting contenders for that final Betfred Super League spot.

Supporters only have to wait one more week before finding out the RFL's decision on who will get the cherished 12th place in the top tier for 2021.

Flanagan joined his hometown club aged 13 and used to watch in awe as the likes of Robbie Hunter-Paul, James Lowes and Paul Deacon were strutting their stuff on the pitch.

The hooker wants those historic nights of the late nineties and early noughties to return and leaping up a division would certainly be one of the first steps towards that.

"As a Bradford fan, I would love nothing more than to get those glory days back," Flanagan insisted.

"We (the players) are all excited like everybody else. We have not really spoke much about it but the application has gone in now so it is out of our hands.

"All the clubs that have applied have got pretty good cases. But I am going to be totally biased and say Bradford deserve it.

"Alright, we have had a troubled past but you have to look forward.

"The new owners, directors, the coaching staff and players have really bought into what has happened over the last three years since I have been here.

"Fingers crossed we get that green light on the 16th because it would be a dream come true for all the players."

Questions have been fired at Bradford to whether they would be able to compete amongst the elite.

Flanagan thinks his side are more than capable of giving it a good go with a few more additions.

The 34-year-old added: "It would be a tough ask but if we trained together in a full-time environment on a daily basis and got two or three new recruits, I would be confident that we would do a job.

"You want to test yourself at the highest level whether that comes at my age or for lads coming through in their teens.

"John (Kear) has got a really good balance of youth and experience in the team this year which has been really good. The likes of Danny Brough, Ingy (Anthony England), (Steve) Crossley then you've got Tom Doyle and Ebon Scurr.

"Whether John wants to change it massively if we get that Super League spot, I am not too sure. I will be pretty confident with the blokes that we have got to give it a good fight next year."

But for the Bradfordian a chance to see out his career at Odsal is top of his list.

He thinks it would be great for the city if fans were back filling the stadium, especially with the way things are going a few miles down the road.

"We always wanted to be back at Odsal, I never wanted to leave!" Flanagan cried.

"The ultimate dream would be to play a Super League game at Odsal. If not then in the Championship at Odsal.

"It would be a really good uplift for the city.

"Bradford City aren’t doing so well at the minute so to get Bradford Bulls back at Odsal with some big games, I am sure the community would get behind us.

"If we get Super League it is an added bonus but Odsal is a must for me."

Regardless of what league Kear's men end up in next year, they have been training since October.

The former Batley Bulldogs and Hunslet player has been involved in the sport for 25 years and sorely missed it during its off-period.

"It has been awful," Flanagan said.

"The old saying you don’t miss something until it has gone. Having this year out of rugby has been painful.

"It was difficult not training and having the camaraderie with the lads. Speaking to each other in the Whatsapp group is as close as we got.

"I am not getting any younger. I still feel pretty fresh, and feel like I have a few more years in me.

"But it was an eye-opener to is this what life is going to look like after rugby."