AS we approach the end of what has been an unprecedented year, there are still many uncertainties which lay ahead for the Bradford Bulls. Where will their home be upon returning and what league will that be in?

Football manager Stuart Duffy believes it would be amazing for the fans if the answers to those questions are Odsal and Super League.

Earlier this week, the Bulls confirmed they had submitted their application for that 12th spot in the top tier next year, meaning it is now a waiting game up until that crucial December 16 date.

Duffy, who has been in his role at the club since 2001, believes Bradford are in a good position and thinks the supporters would see a competitive side if they do gain the place.

"It would be nice to get back into Super League," he said.

"But we are working towards getting back there on the field anyway. It is not a short-term plan. If we don’t get in this time, we just carry on what we have been doing.

"John Kear has got a good squad. It might not be strong enough to compete with the very elite in Super League but with a few additions we certainly could.

"I don’t know whether Bulls are favourites or not, there is a lot of good cases there. We hope that it will be given to us.

"Our academy (which is one part of the criteria) stands up on its own for being outstanding in producing talent.

"You have seen the likes of (Eliott) Whitehead (John) Bateman and the Burgess boys (Sam and Tom) playing in the NRL. You had James Bentley playing in the Grand Final last week too.

"I have had some big highs and some big lows at the club. We have had some occasions which we have celebrated and other times when its been dreadful and hard work.

"The club is stable and has been for a while. Lots of other clubs have been through hard times on and off the field, the Bulls are no different.

"If we got back in, it would be a massive Christmas present for the fans."

On Thursday, the RFL confirmed negotiations around a 'rental opportunity' at Odsal are ongoing, as well as discussions for Kear's team to return.

It is widely assumed this will see stock car racing restored at the stadium after promoter Steve Rees’ proposal to bring the sport back from next Easter was agreed in principle.

Duffy added: "We have consistently said that it was only a temporary measure when we left and that we needed to come back.

"It would be the ideal solution for everybody, it is a Super League stadium.

"It would be good to get the Bulls back to Odsal. A lot of people have got to be singing from the same hymn sheet for that to happen.

"Structurally, I think it needs work doing to bring it up to safety standards. Those are decisions that would be taken by the council on whether we would get a license for part or the whole of the stadium, which we would want."

From World Club Challenge wins to liquidations, Duffy thought he had seen it all in his almost two decades of service, until the pandemic hit.

"It has been a real struggle, said the 71-year-old.

"Mark Dunning (Kear's assistant) has done an absolutely terrific job in keeping the players motivated. It has been difficult but we are back training now and the players are really enjoying it.

"I can’t wait to get that first game under the belt whether it be at Dewsbury or Odsal. Hopefully at the latter.

"It would be great if it was Super League, if not we will knuckle down in the Championship."