GUISELEY have updated their 2020/21 season ticket holders via a message from the chairman, Gary Douglas.

There are three options available to Lions fans. They can carry their season ticket over to next season, they can get a full refund on it, or they can donate their season ticket refund back to the club on a pro-rata basis, and take the ticket up if and when spectators are allowed back in

In a lengthy statement, Douglas said: "Firstly, may I take this opportunity to thank every season ticket holder, both for their generosity in donating, to the club, their unused portions of last season’s tickets and their patience so far this season.

"As many of you are aware, there are two significant events. Firstly, we have been notified that National Lottery funding will be paid to the club until the end of December.

"Secondly, on Monday, November 9, Parliament debated the petition raised by Ashley Greenwood to permit football fans back into grounds, while maintaining COVID-19 protocols.

"We must be mindful that an issue being debated does not mean there will be a change in the Government’s stance.

"The Culture Secretary has repeatedly stated that fans will not be permitted to return to grounds while COVID-19 cases continue to rise.

"While we hope for positive news, we are planning for a continuation of the current situation.

"The live streaming of home matches is in place and we are asking for contributions towards the costs of operating the ground to permit a match to occur.

"Realistically, we are not expecting a return of fans before the New Year.

"In terms of your season ticket, we are offering the following options:

1. To carry over your season ticket to next season

2. A full refund

3. Donate your season ticket refund back to the club on a pro-rata basis, and take up your season ticket once spectators are allowed back in

"If you have a seat allocated as part of your season ticket, your “normal” seat allocation will also be carried across to whenever we are allowed back into grounds, whatever option you choose.

"If fans are allowed back this season, existing season ticket holders will have first refusal on tickets for these fixtures.

"Finally, we would ask that all season ticket holders inform us of their decision by 5pm on Monday, November 30. This will allow the club to understand our cash flow.

"While on paper these choices seem straightforward, we appreciate that there are some unanswered questions, which we have tried to answer below."


1. If fans are allowed back into the ground, will you be offering a season ticket?

Any “part season ticket” offer would only apply to existing season ticket holders who renewed for season 2020/21 and the payment they have already made.

It is unlikely any new season tickets would be issued.

2. If I donate my season ticket in lieu of live streaming and fans are allowed back in, what happens?

We will issue a season ticket for the unused portion.

3. Will you continue to live stream matches even if fans are allowed back in?

There are two elements to this answer.

Firstly, the decision is one that the FA would make. UEFA Article 48 has temporarily been suspended to allow streaming between 3pm and 5pm so this suspension would need to remain in place.

Secondly, the club would need to be assured that this wouldn’t impact negatively on our attendances.

4. I paid through Crowd Funder, who will refund my money?

Once crowdfunding finished, we received the monies, so payment will be from the club.

5. How will you refund me my money?

We will make payment through the Bacs system, so we will require your bank details. We will discuss this with you once you have decided to re-claim your money.

"If you have any further questions, or want to inform us of your decision, please contact Trudi via email on or by phone on 07507 750583."