DESPITE, having to shutdown for a month, Thackley seem in positive spirits as they think a return to action will be a lot more simpler this time out.

Earlier this week, grassroots football was rocked by the news that training and matches for clubs from Steps 3-7 and below would not be exempt from the nation's second lockdown.

Back in August, the Telegraph & Argus visited Dennyfield to see how well the club was dealing in this new world.

Since then, they were even allowed to bring back supporters in a socially distanced capacity, but now all that has been knocked on the head with the latest suspension until December 2.

Dennyboys chairman Ben Oliver feels after already putting measures in place, football is in a much better position to bounce back.

He said: "I don’t think it (the suspension) came as a great shock. The suddenness and how quick it was implemented was more surprising.

"It is now back to trying to protect the players, volunteers and coaches, as well as the finances.

"It is probably not back to square one but square two or three. When we went into lockdown before, we didn’t have any procedures in place.

"We are a lot better set up to get going again next time. Everything like the hand sanitising stations and the track and trace are all going to be there. It feels more like a pause instead of a stop this time."

Oliver thinks it was always inevitable the 2020/21 season would suffer disruptions and just hopes a finish can be achieved.

He said: "This season is about getting through it with everyone healthy and making sure the club survives. We feel we are well placed to do so.

"You want to win every game and be up there challenging, but you have to act in your financial means. We have a structure in place that when times become normal, we can really push on.

"For this season, it is a case of completing it. I would love to see that happen, nobody wants it expunged to then look back in 20 years’ time and have gaps in the records."

Thackley had been busy off the pitch this season, refurbishing their clubhouse with a brand new bar and kitchen.

The facility has been great to attract supporters from teams who have been playing behind closed doors.

Oliver added: "With Bradford City and Leeds United not playing (in front of crowds), our average gate is up 25% this season.

"The clubhouse has been successful too. We had some of the most profitable matches through the bar because people liked it and wanted to stick around.

"We were operating at a capacity of 80 when usually it can hold 200. That has sadly had to close (due to lockdown).

"But we have got a facility there that will help us cement our place in the community and increase income for the club which will help us push on in the next few years."