A BRADFORD rider championed his home course before the Auto Cycle Union, the governing body of British motorcycle sport, called time on all motorcycle events for a month due to the second lockdown.

The Spen Valley club provided the action at the Parkwood Offroad Centre as Charlie Smith was the overall winner of the Championship Class from Buxton youngster Harry Turner who won Class B by a country mile.

The organisers staged the four lap woodland event under Covid-19 guidelines to the letter which allowed a total of 93 competitors.

Smith was the favourite but sections three and four took him for 13 penalties while Turner rode both sections for a mere two penalties.

Neil Wright headed Clubman A from Steve Farrington and Thomas Jackson. Wright rode his TRS machine the furthest distance without fault to win on a tie-breaker.

Clubman B resulted in a seven way winner result. All rode the course without penalty.

Ace superbike commentator James Whitham just missed the party by a single penalty. The Huddersfield former Grand Prix rider, is no slouch on a trials bike.

The Spen club also managed to cater for the young set. Jamie Rowntree, Jimmy Crabtree and Ruby Lawrie all won their classes.

12-year-old Ruby Lawrie from Otley rode her electric Oset machine which was not the best for the Parkwood acres.

Top marks to the course plotting team who had to deal with wet terrain and swollen streams.

Results: Championship course - 1 Charlie Smith (Beta) 17, 2 Jonathan Chambers (TRS) 34, 3 Wíll Tolson (Beta) 39.

Youth Class A: 1 Harry Bowyer (Gas Gas) 2 Harry McLoughlan (Beta) 119. Youth Class B: Harry Turner (Gas Gas) 1i8.

Clubman A: 1 Neil Wright (TRS) 2 fc, 2 Steve Farrington (TRS) 2, 3 Thomas Jackson (Fantuc) 4. Clubman B: 1 Andrew Cobb (Beta)/Stuart Oughton (Beta)/Ian Haigh (TRS)/Anthony Holmes (Beta)/Karl Greaves (Fantic)/Chris Tolson (Fantic) 0, 2 James Whitham (Sherco) 1 fc, 3 Richard Bryant (Vertigo) 1. Clubman C: L 1 Stephen Ellis (Gas Gas) 5, 2 Keith Normington (Triumph) 10, 3 Helen Greaves (Gas Gas) 16.

Clubman Youth Class B: 1 Jamie Rowntree (Beta) 2, 2 Jack Pullan (Sherco) 30, 3 Alfie Carney (Beta) 42. Clubman Youth Class C: Jimmy Crabtree 8, 2 Zachary Sellers 19. (All Beta). Youth C: 1 Ruby Lawrie (Oset) 19, 2 Bobby Crabtree (Beta) 33, 3 Sophie Sellers (Beta) 93.