BRADFORD Bulls vice-captain Sam Hallas has been a busy man over the last few months and says he has really enjoyed working alongside club skipper Steve Crossley, who runs his own cleaning business.

Hallas thinks the daily grind of work will set him up well for life after rugby league, but at only 23, he should have many years of professional sport ahead of him.

And unsurprisingly, he is thrilled at the prospect of returning to training in the next couple of weeks.

Speaking to the T&A on Thursday evening about his 2020, which has been packed with all things except rugby league, Hallas said: “I’ve been at uni for a couple of seminars earlier on.

“I started university last year. I found it difficult to get the balance right with rugby league at first, but I’ve grasped it now.

“Working with Steve has kept me busy too, which I like. I enjoy my chill time but not too much of it, or my mind goes into overdrive.

“I’ve enjoyed working with Steve, as we’re good mates, but I’ve also learned to appreciate working day to day, completing tasks and having a common goal.

“Rugby is hard in its own way but just getting up and doing nine till five every day, yes it can be monotonous, but it’s something I’m going to have to do when I retire, and it seemed like the best time to try it with the season being cancelled.

“I can’t thank Steve enough for the opportunity either.”

Crossley and Hallas are set to link up again for training before the end of the month.

Earlier this week, Bulls head coach John Kear said that players are “social beings” and will be desperate to get back to it because of that more than anything else.

Hallas agrees, saying: “We’ve missed each other. If you ask 99 per cent of rugby players, being around the other lads is a big reason why you play.

“We’ve got a really good group too at Bradford, there’s no bad eggs, so we’re very lucky in that sense.

“Whenever we’ve met up with each other in the last few months, we’ve all said how we can’t wait to get back.

“Getting to play with some of your best mates and knowing you’re going to have a laugh every day is great.”

On a more serious note, a few eyebrows were perhaps raised when Kear named Hallas as his vice-captain last November.

He does not turn 24 until tomorrow, while some of his teammates are about a decade older than him.

Talking about his prominent role, Hallas said: “It’s an honour to be vice-captain, especially when you think of some of the boys here, like Anthony England and George Flanagan, with all their experience.

“For John to put his faith in a 23-year-old and want me to be captain when we’re without Steve is a privilege.

“I don’t find it daunting, as I don’t have to do anything too different to normal. I can just play my usual game, be as vocal as I can, without wanting to be bossy, and hope people listen.

“I’m very proud to have the role, but it doesn’t mean I’ll work any less hard.”