ALTHOUGH they admit that there is still much uncertainty about the 2021 season, the Bradford & District Evening League are planning as best as they can for next summer.

League secretary Phil Poole Snr is also still seeking two teams to make up the ideal number of 16.

He has written to member clubs, stating: “At the annual meeting, we usually review the previous season, elect league officials/executive committee members, review the financial accounts, vote on any proposed rule changes and make plans for the forthcoming season based on the number of clubs that have submitted application forms.

“As no clubs have taken up the option to have their 2020 league subscriptions refunded to them, we are hopeful that you will all be playing next season.

“If this is not the case, then can you please let me know as soon as possible so we can start to make contingency plans.

“In this respect, we are still two teams short of the ideal number of 16, so if you know of any other teams/clubs that might be interested in joining the league, again please let me know.”

Poole added: “There is nothing to report regarding the 2020 Evening League season, other than that the decision was reluctantly taken on June 27 to cancel the whole season.

“Once we were past the halfway point in the scheduled season, we were unable to extend it, due to our reliance on light nights.

“For a meaningful season, all clubs would have had to play each other at least once in each division.

“The league officials and members of the executive have been asked if they are willing to remain in post until we are able to hold a formal meeting/annual meeting.

“Smita (Lymbery, treasurer) will be producing the annual accounts as at October 31, 2020, which I will circulate in due course.

“If you have any proposed changes to the league rules, can you please submit these to me in writing by October 31.

“The league will continue to make plans for the new season as best we can, via e-mail etc, and on the assumption that next season we will be back to “normal” cricket.”

Poole can be contacted on 01274 833915, 07778 138036 or at