THE Bulls are heading back to training at the end of the month – for the good of their mental health.

John Kear’s squad plan to reassemble for fitness work in small groups at Tong, even though there is no sign of when they might be back in action.

Teams in the Championship and below remain in limbo while the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the country continues.

The RFL’s proposed autumn tournament, which the Bulls had been the first to sign up for, was scrapped.

And the governing body is unable to put forward a possible starting date for the 2021 campaign – with non-Super League clubs facing the prospect of having to wait until April to be in a position to resume playing.

But Kear feels it’s important for the spirit of his players that they are able to get back together.

He said: “Rugby players are social beings and I know my lads have all missed each other’s company and having that banter together.

“We’d be returning with tier one training, so we can only do it in small groups, which is all in line with the government and RFL guidelines.

“It will be good to get back, but obviously it’s limited at this stage.

“It won’t be a return to training as we know it, but it’s better than nothing, which has been the case for the last six months.”

The Bulls last week confirmed that they are applying for a share of the RFL’s £16 million bail-out package they were given by the government in May.

With income streams switched off, most clubs are being forced to do the same while the ban on any spectators remains in place.

Kear has assembled nearly a full squad while lower-level rugby has been in lockdown – with 19 senior players already announced on contract for the next campaign, whenever that will be able to start.

Chief executive Mark Sawyer can understand why the coach wants to get them active again while there is no firm timetable to work towards.

Sawyer said: ““I had a good chat with John and he told me that we need to return to some semblance of training.

“It’s as much for the mental well-being of the players as the requirement of getting ready for the season.

“It’s weighing on these lads because rugby is obviously a big part of their lives. It has been such a long time without it.

“We may well have breaks in the training schedule with all that is going on. We obviously don’t know.

“But he feels it’s essential that they are able to do something.”

Sawyer has also revealed that the coaching staff will be place on the new job retention scheme from November.