THACKLEY and their boss Pat McGuire have gone viral over the weekend for their reactions to Premier League fans being charged £15 per game to watch matches via Sky Sports and BT Box Office.

The Dennyboys' official Twitter account posted their very own "£15 pay per view package" which included ground entry, a pint, a cheeseburger, a brilliant atmosphere and more.

The tweet currently has over 200 retweets and more than 1,100 likes.

McGuire was scathing about the Premier League and broadcasters' decision, insisting that football should be all about the fans first and foremost.

His post has just under 1,000 likes and nearly 200 retweets.

Meanwhile, Argentinian Twitter account Ascenso Ingles got involved, sharing Thackley's initial tweet, translated of course, to their 3,500 international followers.

That has just shy of 250 likes at the moment.