ON Tuesday, when Bradford (Park Avenue) announced that one of their players had tested positive for Covid-19, meaning the squad had to quarantine for two weeks, many questions arose.

Why do the whole squad have to isolate? Why can other clubs have a positive test and then continue to play? How come Spennymoor Town can take to the pitch today but Avenue can't?

Well, the club's director of football Martin Knight has addressed these queries by mentioning one key phrase, "social distancing".

Knight went onto explain: "You have had to have been in within two metres of the person for more than 15 minutes. Otherwise, you do not have to self-isolate.

"Spennymoor were not in our changing room so none of their players would have been within two metres for 15 minutes of our players.

"Therefore, Spennymoor would have never broken social distancing.

"We had seven substitutes so it meant distancing in the changing room was different. The weather was also awful so the changing rooms were used for longer.

"This is why we had to isolate the squad."

Knight also stated how important it was that the club stuck to the conclusion made by their medical officer Fran Young.

He added: "It is not a club decision, it is a purely medical decision.

"Fran is a qualified GP. She would have looked at the circumstances, the information we gave her, and made a socially correct decision.

"We will never not follow her advice."

Supporters could point to the likes of Premier League clubs West Ham United and Liverpool who have had players and coaches test positive and still carried on their season without disruption.

"They are testing weekly and we are not," Knight replied.

"I spoke to the National League about testing the whole team and if they all come back negative can we still play? They say no because we don’t have regular testing.

"Even if we did that after the 72 hour gestation period, the National League won't allow that because it is treated differently when you are not tested on a regular basis."

Fans may even look closer to home and throw Vanarama National League rivals Kettering Town out there as an example.

Earlier this week, Veteran Brett Solkhon, who had only been on Town's bench so far this season, tested positive and is now self-isolating.

The Poppies clash with Southport still goes ahead today.

Knight reiterated: "Kettering have a player isolating. He wasn’t in the social distancing issues which we have. It is a space and time decision."

With the quarantine period set to end on October 17, it is likely that Bradford's clash with Boston United on that day will be moved to mid-week, like the Hereford match (October 27) was yesterday.