SKIPTON'S finest won his home race by beating off the rest of the competition in a tough race race at Skyrakes Farm.

The middle course class of the Bradford & D.M.C. Trial was won by James Moorhouse.

Against all odds, the the motor club overcame diabolical weather conditions to set-up the races.

After braving the heavy rain on Saturday, when Sam Boocock and Brian and Anthony Ayrton plotted the two mile moorland course aided by Alan Mudd and Lucy Ayrton, the team were rewarded on Sunday morning with a change in the weather.

The club followed Covid restrictions and seven competitors were dispatched to different sections along the entire route, thus avoiding any bunching of riders.

East Keswick teenager George Hemingway dominated the hard route class, while Cullingworth former sidecar ace Robin Luscombe completed the easy route penalty free, riding his BSA Bantam machine.

The trial route tracked previous events with the opening sections affording a fine view of Gargrave from high.

The first six sections were on the skyline ridge then plunged down into the ravine.

The final section featured a near vertical climb through heather and that tested all classes.