BRADFORD Bulls' Jordan Lilley insists the sport as a whole must rally together to ensure clubs can come out of these difficult times on the other side.

On Thursday, RFL CEO Ralph Rimmer admitted that rugby league is suffering losses of up to £2million a-week as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite, Super League returning albeit behind closed doors, Championship and League One teams have still been left in limbo, waiting for a date when they can return to pre-season for the 2021 campaign.

Firstly, Lilley expresses his concerns about the state of the game at the top level.

He said: "The world is on its backside. The economy is down and everyone is struggling. As rugby always does, as a small community, we can come together and battle through this.

"When they first said going back and playing in front of no crowds, I asked questions about the sustainability.

"A lot of championship clubs rely on gate money, and money that comes from sponsorships, food and drink.

"We are not as big a sport as football who have million pound owners. Most (rugby league) owners are lovers of the game who want to put a bit of money into it.

"No Sky money or games being played, that will not make sponsors come in. It is a worrying time for the sport.

"Hopefully, we can come out of it the other side with no teams going bust."

The community game is another facet of the sport which is really struggled.

Lilley draws upon experiences closer to home to discuss why this is.

He added: "It is a massive point that we have to pull together especially with the community clubs.

"I am from Stanningley SARLC and I know they have taken a massive hit.

"They rely on events where people hire the facility which they have not been doing.

"There is only so much government funding that can go around."

The Bradford ace has been keeping busy running his own gym, Lilley's Fitness.

Although, he can not help but miss the game he loves and hopes Bulls can return on time.

He added: "It is frustrating for everyone. We are paid to play rugby and that is what we want to do.

"We have had six months off now and I have forgot what a rugby ball looks like.

"I have forgotten what it feels like to kick it, touch it and pass it.

"It has definitely been something I have missed.

"There was a glimmer of hope with the (Autumn) competition, but that’s fallen through now.

"We have got Super League back which is fantastic.

"We are just starting to get things back in track and then they dropped the bombshell about delaying crowds being back.

"It seems like we take two steps forward and one step back.

"A week ago, it was looking good for getting things back on time, but if it keeps going this way we will be lucky to get to pre-season."