THE Bradford League season comes to an end today, with Pudsey St Lawrence hosting Townville at Tofts Road in the Premier Division Cup final.

Speaking to the T&A, Pudsey stalwart and skipper Chris Marsden said: "We're definitely happy with how the season's gone.

"It's been an odd and difficult time for everyone, but we've got some competitive cricket in and risen to the challenge.

"We've played some really good cricket and only lost once, against Townville, which was a game where they took their chances and we missed ours."

It was a minor blip though, and Marsden spoke with great pride about his young charges, such as talented spinner Archie Scott, who has taken 5-13 and 3-37 in his last two games.

Marsden said: "We have such a young side and it's encouraging looking forward to how we're building for the future.

"I've known Archie since he was seven. I coached him when he was younger and have seen him come through.

"I like how he plays, he wears his heart on his sleeve and always gives 110 per cent. He's bowled some really good spells this season and been unlucky not to take more wickets.

"Archie and all of our young lads want to take on every challenge and prove themselves.

"We tend to keep with our juniors and bring them through, which is what we pride ourselves upon at Pudsey.

"A lot of people, like myself, Archie and Mark Robertshaw, have been here all our lives.

"Townville are similar, with all their homegrown talent that's been there for a long time.

"They have a very good team, with lots of quality spinners and power hitters down the order.

"They're similar to us too, in that they play hard but enjoy a beer afterwards. There's a lot of mutual respect there."

But it is revenge not respect that is required today for Pudsey, after Townville beat them by 57 runs in the group stage last month.

The aforementioned Robertshaw only made 18 that day, but the experienced opener has been in sparkling form otherwise, and hit 83 not out in the win over Cleckheaton last week.

Discussing the importance of Robertshaw to the side, Marsden said: "I've known Mark most of my cricketing life and he produces quality and runs for us year in, year out.

"He shows so much composure with the way he goes about things at the top of the order.

"He understands the game so well too. We always says here at Pudsey that Mark knows how the game will go within the first couple of overs.

"He's so experienced and invaluable with what he provides us.

"It's nice now too because his twin boys have started coming down to watch with his wife."

Robertshaw will be hoping to do his family proud on home turf today.

Asked whether it is an advantage to have the final being played at their Tofts Road ground, Marsden said: "It could potentially be a factor, as we do pride ourselves on knowing how to play well at home.

"We had our square relaid three winters ago and that first year when we won the league (in 2018), it was a real challenge to bat on.

"But the pitches are more consistent now and will get better each year.

"Every game has been a challenge this year, home and away, but if we're at our best against Townville, I'm confident we can come away with the win."