A DAMP and windy afternoon at the Wetherby Motor Club ensured difficult riding conditions for those participating in the sixth Norman Crooks Trophy Trial at Grimwith Reservoir, Greenhow.

Joint clerks John Henfrey and Michael Benson battled against the elements to plot the ten section four lap course on the steep and exposed moorland high above the reservoir.

The rain continued to pour and spectators becoming increasingly dampened. Pensioner Nancy Laws observed the penultimate section where Mick Shorrock acted as assistant observer.

Brian Ayrton was high above at the final section accompanied by Chris Watson's young daughter, who courageously fought the conditions. Ayrton said: "She stuck it out until the end. Her hands must have been numb.”

The opening three sections tracked the bottom boundary wall using the prehistoric rock formations, whilst the high boundary wall afforded some much needed protection for the observers. At sections six to 10, shelter was non-existent as riders climbed the deep heather.

Judicious section plotting kept the penalties down on the day. Danny Gamble, Joel Sadler, Robert Hardisty and Richard Shepherd all signed off with a clean sheet.

The next Wetherby Motor Club trial is scheduled for September 19 at North Close Farm, Kirkby, Malzeard (3.30pm).

Results: Hard course - Experts: 1 Danny Gamble (Sherco) 0. Inters: 1 Louis Haley (Vertigo) 13, 2 Anthony Ayrton (TRS) 15. Novices: 1 Joel Sadler (Beta) 0, 2 Elliott Laws (Vertigo) 3, 3 Bevan Blacker (Gas Gas) 6. Youth Class A: Richard Pulman (Scorpa) 29.

Green course - Novices: 1 Andy Tales (Fantic) 4, 2 Ian Myers (Sherco) 17, 3 Scott Lambert (Beta) 22. Over 40s: Phillip Hammond (Sherco) 9. Over 50's: 1 Rob Hardisty (Sherco) 0, 2 Neil Gaunt (Vertigo) 3 Chris Laws (Vertigo) 10. Youths: 1 Will Wright (23, 2 Harrison Lightfoot 29, 3 Jack Bennett 30, (all Beta).

Easy course - Novices: 1 Chris Watson (TRS) 24, 2 Mason Carter (TRS) 26, 3 Shay Smith (Beta) 40. Over 40's: 1 Rob Chadwick (TRS) 16, 2 John Henfrey (Beta) 22, 3 Peter Hollingworth (Beta) 26. Over 50s: 1 Paul Pulman (Scorpa) 22, 3 Stewart Molloy (Beta) 33. Over 60s: 1 Ian Brogden (Beta) 18, 2 Graham Parker (Montesa) 30, 3 Mick Bayley (Beta) 35.

Twin Shocks - 1 Richard Shepherd (Honda) 0, 2 Steve Gossop (BSA) 11. 3 John Ellis (Honda) 44. Youth: 1 Jack Pullan (Beta) 34.