CITY are in talks with two strikers as they hunt a replacement for James Vaughan.

Stuart McCall will target another frontman to add to the three currently in the squad after Vaughan’s much-anticipated return to Tranmere.

McCall began his search when it became obvious that the wantaway 32-year-old would not be backing down in his push to get away.

The Bantams boss has already held discussions with a couple of frontmen from clubs in higher divisions and is confident of landing the right man to fill the gap.

McCall said: “Obviously we were only paying a certain amount of James’s money (towards the salary cap) and anyone coming in will count for the full wages.

“But we’re still looking in that regard. We are well under the cap at the minute

“I’ve already spoken to a couple of players over the past week.

“Convincing them to drop to League Two is probably the problem. But we’ll keep banging on the door.”

McCall was initially loathe to lose Vaughan, especially to another team in League Two. But regular chats over the summer failed to change the striker’s mind.

The City chief was unhappy with the way Vaughan responded to the return of pre-season training and felt it was better for all concerned not to let the situation fester.

McCall added: “We could have made him sit here and pick his money up but we were not getting anything off him. James made that very clear.

“I’d have a committed, positive James Vaughan all day long in the dressing room and on the pitch.

“But we weren’t getting that – and James made it quite clear we weren’t going to get it.

“I can’t force him. You can fine people or leave him out – but that’s not benefitting us for the money that we were paying.

“Even as a team-mate, if I was playing alongside someone who didn’t want to be at the club then I would happily say bye. We only want people who want to be here.”

Vaughan had cited the motorway travelling from his Merseyside base as a factor in his desire to quit City, despite having two more years on his contract.

After finishing last season on loan at Tranmere, he was more comfortable with playing for a club much closer to home.

McCall said: “He’s got a young family, he’s had four and a half months with them and before that he’d be back home at 1.30pm after training at Tranmere.

“I lived where James does now in Formby and even on a Sunday, it would take me an hour and a half to get back and forth when there was nothing on the roads. It can be two hours any other day.

“I understand the reasons but I was hopeful (he might still change his mind) once he came in. Unfortunately, it became apparent straight away that he had no desire to be here.

“You don’t want that when we’re trying to foster an environment of positivity and togetherness. We’ve also got a lot of impressionable young people.

“In the time he was here, he made it clear to me and with the way he went about his training that he didn’t want to keep doing that journey. I certainly didn’t want him with that mindset.”