In the latest edition of our look back through the T&A picture archives, here are five cricket teams from days gone by.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know?

First up, pictured here August 1989, Bradford & Bingley and Pudsey St Lawrence who had both taken part in the Gordon Bowers under-12 final.

Back, left to right, Bradford & Bingley: Ken Moore (umpire) Michael Kenyon, Stuart Jackson, James Pipe, Gareth Batty (capt) Neil Spragg, David Robinson, Mark Chapman, Robert Walker, Keith Anderson (umpire).

Front, Pudsey St Lawrence: James Smith, James Milligan, Paul Hutchinson, Wayne Davies, Nicholas Hall (capt), Gareth Clough, Paul Holbin, Robert Mercer, Paul O’Brien.


UNDERCLIFFE 1988: Back, from left: James Hall, David Dobson, Peter Martin, Ian Smith, Graham Sivyer, Chris Burns. Front: Howard Reeve, Simon Kellett, Jerry Mytton (capt), Craig Annison, David Fairweather.

UNDERCLIFFE U17 1989: Back, from left: T Hussain, B Hawksworth, C Overend, C Rhodes, M Lawrence, D Waterhouse. Front: P Stothart, M Jones, J Trees, M Ahmed, C Serrant, A Stothart.

UNDERCLIFFE CC 1992: Back, from left: R Gaunt, C Burns, S Sinclair, I Smith, G Hampshire, H Reeve. Front: Alex Wharfe, P Whitaker, D Bairstow, D McGarth, M Khaliq.

UNDERCLIFFE 1990: Back, from left: J Mytton, M Khaliq, C Burns, A Bottomley, H Reeve, D McGrath. Front: G MacKenzie, M Jones, D Dobson, C Smith, D Bairstow.