THE EFL confirmed the introduction of a salary cap for League Two clubs yesterday, leaving City boss Stuart McCall less than impressed.

He said, as far as he was aware, the Bantams were one of only two League Two clubs to vote against the proposals, which will see the cap fixed at £1.5m, and at £2.5m for League One clubs.

It has come into effect immediately but does not take into account any big money signings already made this summer, like with Bolton Wanderers, who are understood to have shelled out big wages when bringing in Eoin Doyle and Antoni Sarcevic.

Players at City who already earn over the new £1,300 per week limit will continue to be paid in full, but listed at the agreed League Two average for cap purposes.

When calculating total salary spending, the ‘cap’ includes: basic wages, taxes, bonuses, image rights, agents’ fees and other fees and expenses paid directly or indirectly to all registered players.

Discussing the decision to introduce the salary cap, McCall said: “I think over the last couple of weeks we’ve expected it to come.

“We were one of I believe two sides that voted against it but it’s here and we have to deal with it.

“But if you actually think about it, you’re punishing teams. You have to work hard to bring money into your football club, be it through season tickets, commercial, selling players or good cup runs.

“You now can’t plough that back into your business to improve it. It’s not right. Everyone says teams are spending too much but you’ve got to be able to manage your own finances.

“There’s parts we get about the salary cap but when you’re bringing someone through the youth team and selling them, or going to the fourth or fifth round of the cup and you can’t put that money back into your squad (it’s daft).

“It’s detrimental to people who want to improve their football club by working hard at whatever they do.

“We’ve got a small, diligent squad of office staff, full of people who are trying to bring money in.

“It is what it is but I don’t think the fundamental reasons are right for why we’re doing it or why it had to be pushed through now.

“It’s crazy. It was going to be pushed through a month ago and now a lot of teams have gone and spent a lot of money.

“But it’s something we expected, we get on with it and you’ve got to adhere to it.

“We’re only looking to bring another two, possibly three, in anyway and the players we’ve re-signed or signed are well inside the salary cap. I think we’ve got really good value for money.

“And obviously the ones that are here already and over the salary cap just come in at the cap anyway.

“You cut your cloth accordingly and we’re not saying we’d be going and spending over the salary cap.

“But it’s normally an opportunity, if you do have a cup run or sell a player, that you’ve then got the chance to recruit and make your squad better.”