WEST Bowling head coach R yan Hunkin doesn't think playing friendlies this year would be feasible for his players.

Earlier this week, the RFL announced the return of rugby, albeit in a non-contact form, from the end of August ,while also stating their their focus is on allowing clubs to organise local matches in Autumn.

With all league competitions and other tournaments cancelled, this seems to be the only solution for teams eager to get some rugby in before the end of 2020.

However, it doesn't sit right with Hunkin as he feels his players wouldn't be keen in playing meaningless games without a pre-season behind them, when the 2021 campaign would be on the horizon.

He said: "I have been mulling it over and I don’t think we will be looking to arrange any. I just don’t think it will be worthwhile for us.

"The lads won't be in a frame of mind to play friendlies. If they are going to start playing again, they need a decent pre-season.

"As we can’t do any contact yet, I can’t see any players being interested in competitive touch and pass, or tag.

"The juniors will be looking forward to getting back playing but there is a massive difference between that and the physicality of open age.

"I have had some lads training once a week, but not to the level when we have competitive full contact games.

"We wouldn’t get the buy in from the players.

"It would lead to more injuries and a poor standard of rugby. That is not something that we want to bring to West Bowling.

"We will start building for the new season as normal in November. Hopefully the Challenge Cup and the league will run from March."

Bowling were expecting to play on the new 3g pitch at Horsfall at some stage this year, pre COVID-19.

Nevertheless, Hunkin is predicting a bright future and hopes a training session in the stadium can take place soon.

He added: "We are still waiting for some things to go through and some funding to fall in place, but that is the idea. It is massive for us to play in that stadium.

"Emsley is a fantastic pitch but we couldn’t get the facilities to facilitate both the juniors and open age.

"I think it (Horsfall) can be utilised as a rugby league hub around Bradford. Hopefully get Bradford cup games, and Bulls academy and women’s matches on there.

"Some of the pitches we have played on, in the height of summer, is like playing on concrete, so to have that ground, especially with the speed of it, for all year round will definitely benefit our players.

"They're not far from finishing it so maybe at the back end of next week we will be able to have a bit of a run out on it."