BRADFORD (Park Avenue) manager Mark Bower and assistant Danny Boshell rightly get the plaudits when things go right and the criticism when things go wrong, but there is a third member in the dugout that often gets overlooked.

Ryan Toulson has worked alongside the pair since his Guiseley days and has helped create a mostly successful managerial machine.

Think back to the Lions achieving promotion to the National League or Bradford's back-to-back playoff finishes. So what does make the trio tick?

"We sing off the same hymn sheet," Toulson said. "We all want to play (nice football) but we also know how to grind a result out.

"We look at the potential in the player and we do a lot of background work. We don’t want anyone who will cause upset.

"For us team spirit is a massive thing. It is worth a lot of points if you have got a good dressing room.

"Sometimes we agree on things and if we don’t we talk about it. Mark has the final say but we all just work really well together. We are good friends of the pitch too."

A couple of months ago, it was confirmed that the 34-year-old would be back for his fifth season at Horsfall.

Although, Toulson, who is currently studying for his UEFA B coaching license, is keen to carry on playing, he also has one eye on what happens once the boots are finally hung up.

"I still think I have got enough in the locker," he added. "We have got Lundy (Mitch Lund) and Rossy (Mark Ross) so there is competition for places, but that is only a positive.

"For me, I will be fighting for a place, whether I am selected, or not, is a different story (laughs).

"I am still in the early days of my coaching career. In this role, I enjoy giving my input and being involved behind the scenes.

"That (being a manager) is where I do see myself, but at this time I am happy working alongside Mark and Danny at Bradford."

The right back started off his career at Halifax Town, where he crossed paths with a certain England striker.

Jamie Vardy was in lethal form for Halifax in the 2010/11 Northern Premier League Premier Division campaign, bagging 23 goals and earning a move to Fleetwood Town.

Despite only sharing a few training sessions with Vardy, before he left, Toulson could see the talent straight away.

He thinks the Premier League winner should serve as an example to the current young crop at Avenue, showing them that anything is possible.

"Vardz always had something," he added. "It was off the cuff, he always had potential to go onto bigger and better things which he has done recently winning the (Premier League) Golden Boot.

"He is one who has shown no matter where you are, if you put your mind to it and make sacrifices, you can make it.

"For young players at this level, they have got to look up to him. That speaks for us as a club too, we want to bring youth through and develop players.

"We have got Lewis (Knight), Isaac (Marriott) and Matty (Downing). The likes of Nicky (Clee) and Luca (Havern) are going to help these players back up the pyramid."

Toulson is currently on holiday in Greece so missed Bradford's return to training last Tuesday. Nevertheless, he is looking forward to getting back at it.

The veteran defender thinks things have improved on and off the field recently, and believes supporters can expect a much better campaign next term.

He said: "Mark decided to speak to Gareth (Roberts) and come back to Bradford. It took me a few weeks to come back in, but in the end it was a no brainier to get involved again.

"It was massive to stay up. We are ambitious and want to move the club forward.

"The club have come a long way over the last six months putting things in place.

"Gareth has worked hard behind the scenes for years and he has spoken about wanting to get the pitch down for a long time.

"In previous years, we have had a lot of home games called off but now there will be none of that.

"We can train on it (the pitch) every week which will allow us to work on things more regularly. Hopefully it will help us next season."