BRADFORD (Park Avenue) know their season is due to get underway, subject to FA ratification, on October 3 with an FA Cup Second Qualifying Round tie, but fans will be wanting to know about how and whether they can attend.

The club have moved to update fans this morning and have admitted that home games down at Horsfall are very likely to be all ticket affairs for the foreseeable future, with priority given to season ticket holders.

They also confirmed what they would do if the number of games in the season is reduced from 42 to 40.

In a statement, they said: "The number of fans will be determined by each individual ground. That is what we are lead to believe and it will not be a simple percentage of the total maximum gate.

"We are currently reviewing the guidance and estimating what our safe maximum would be under these conditions.

"Currently we believe (and this is subject to change) that the games will require track and trace on all fans (which the new season tickets will help with) and that in all likelihood we will be all ticket at every home game, with preference being given to home season ticket holders."

"The National League North and South will be made up of either 42 or 40 rounds of fixtures depending on how many teams will be in each league.

"If the National League North is the lower number, we will refund anyone who has already purchased a season ticket the admission for the that one less game and adjust season ticket prices as soon as we know the exact number of games."

The club added: "The current guidance means that all pre-season friendlies will be behind closed doors, so we are preparing to live stream all of these games."