In the latest edition of our look back through the T&A picture archives, here are five pictures of Saltaire’s cricket teams from the eighties.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know?

First picture, Saltaire Cricket Club, June 1980, at the top of Division two in the Bradford League. From left, back: Lennie Huggins, John Murphy, Jeff Driver, Dick Honnor, Graham Robinson, Stan Caines. Front: Roger Bradley, Nigel Topham, Geoff Cowgill (captain), Gordon McLennon, Mick Whittingham.

Other pictures included are…

SALTAIRE CRICKET TEAM 1984: Back (from left): John Bradley, Nick Doddy, Paul Dowd, Adam Rushworth, Gary Slater, David Bartle, Paul Henry. Front: Stephen Bartle, Craig Loftus, Anthony Gillgrass, Richard Gillgrass, Richard Cowman.

SALTAIRE CRICKET TEAM 1985: Back, (from left): Enzo Bellombra, Jeff Driver, Pat McKelvey, Peter Clark, David Hanson, Reg Nelson. Front Keith Woodhead, Robert Hodson, Mick Scott (captain), John Butterworth, Richard Holden.

SALTAIRE CRICKET TEAM 1986: Back, (from left): Jeff Driver, Geoff Cowgill, Pat McKelvey, Paul Meddings, Chris Reekie, Dave Hanson. Front: Richard Holden, John Butterworth, Mick Scott, Robert Hodson, Anthony Gilgrass.

And finally…

SALTAIRE CRICKET TEAM 1988: Back, (from left): S Smith (scorer), Jeff Driver, Peter Clarke, Wayne Lewis, Brent Shackleton, David Wood, Steven Bartle. Front: Anthony Gilgrass, Keith Woodhead, Geoff Cowgill, Robert Hodson, Simon Gill.