EVERY league needs their knight in shining armour, and the Bradford Mutual Sunday School League have found one in Dr Rizwan Hameed.

A member of the league's executive committee, he has been instrumental in setting up their T20 Rizues Cup.

The league's disciplinary officer Mohammed Rafiq said after their latest league meeting at Great Horton Church Cricket Club: "Dr Hameed has paid for three match balls for each team, the match balls for the semi-finals and final and the entry fees for each club.

"It is particularly important in these times of Covid-19 that we have help like this."

A total of 23 teams have entered, being split into four groups, and the competition starts today.

Dr Hameed said: "We have had numerous meetings over the past three or four months, and when we got the green light, the only viable thing was T20 cricket, as there was the issue of lack of funds for clubs.

"Each club will benefit by £45 or £46 for entry fees and cricket balls."

League results and registration secretary Zaheer Ahmed said: "Six grounds will stage matches, with five of them being confirmed - Great Horton Church, Salem Athletic, Park Avenue, Karmand Centre and Westwood Park."

Matches will start at 1pm and 4.30pm at each ground, with a minimum of 10 overs per side for a game to be won or lost, and there will be a Super Over if any matches are tied.

Hygiene breaks will take place after five, 10 and 15 overs.

The league have made it clear to all host clubs and competing teams as to what they expect from them to ensure that cricket is played in as safe an environment as possible, with regard to Covid-19 guidelines.