SAM Hallas is relieved that the wait is nearly over to find out if the Bulls will play again in 2020.

The RFL have imposed a deadline of Wednesday for deciding whether the Championship and League One can resume in September.

Bulls vice-captain Hallas is keeping his fingers crossed for a positive verdict – but also feels a deadline had to be set.

He said: “Everyone just wants a decision now. It’s all right planning and planning but it’s us who are going to be playing and we need to know as soon as possible.

“It’s okay for those who are full-time but the part-time players can then start planning work. The sooner we know, the better for everyone.

“There’s no point in wasting time. It’s getting to the stage now where we just need to know what’s happening.”

Clubs are hoping that a shortened 13-game campaign can be finished. But they cannot afford to return behind closed doors.

Hallas added: “I think there will be some rugby but getting crowds back is the big thing.

“If we can safely get the fans through the gate watching us play competitive rugby, then it’s win-win.”