THE Bradford Mutual Sunday School League are to hold two T20 competitions to give their teams competitive play now that cricket is emerging from lockdown.

Sponsored by Shipley-based medical and healthcare uniform company Rizues and called the Rizues T20 Cup, they will consist of four groups, three of which have six teams and one of which has five teams, following the withdrawal of Bowling Baptists B.

The groups are based on entrants for the league's longer-form knockout competitions, the Sir James Roberts Cup and H Broadbent Trophy.

The two competitions (one for higher-ranked clubs and one for lower-ranked clubs) will start on Saturday, July 25, with match times at 1pm or 4.30pm, and semi-finals will be on either August 29 or September 5 depending on when Eid falls.

The top two teams in each group will qualify for the semi-finals, with the winners of Group A facing the runners-up of Group B and the winners of Group B facing the runners-up of Group A.

Likewise, the winners of Group C will meet the runners-up of Group D, with the winners of Group D facing the runners-up of Group C.

The finals day is scheduled for September 12, with the C and D group final at 12.30pm and the A and B group final at 4pm.

The minimum overs per innings for matches to count will be 10, and the latest that games can begin will be 2.30pm (for 1pm scheduled starts) and 6pm (for 4.30pm scheduled starts).

A win will earn the victor two points, as will a victory by a super over following a tie, while games that cannot be finished due to rain or are cancelled due to rain will earn each side a point.

Rained-off matches will not be rescheduled, and if games are still tied after the super over, the winners will be calculated on which side lost fewer wickets during the extra over or, if the sides are still equal, on the number of boundaries hit during the super over.

If teams in the groups are tied on points, the semi-final places will be decided by, in this order, the number of wins, the number of losses (least is best), the result of the match between the teams and the number of runs scored in the group stages.

The competition will only be open to players who are registered within the league a week before it starts, but no players can be transferred into the league from other leagues.

No players can play more than once per round, so they cannot play in the second XI game at 1pm and the first XI match at 4.30pm or vice versa.

No first XI player can feature for that club's second XI.

To be eligible for the semi-finals, a player must have featured in at least two of the group games, and to be eligible for the final, they must have played at least three matches.

Batsmen must retire when they reach 50 but they can return if all of their team-mates have batted.

Bowlers are restricted to four overs in a 20-over per innings match, three overs in a 15-overs per innings match and two overs in a 10-overs per innings contest.

Group A: Salem Athletic, Hallfield, Bradford Moor YCA, Girlington, Northcliffe, Yorkshire Friends.

Group B: Apperley Bridge, Bradford Gymkhana, Great Horton Church, Yorkshire LPS, Bradford Indians, Bowling Baptists.

Group C: Great Horton Church B, Allerton, Bradford Gymkhana B, Yorkshire LPS B, Mandhata, Greenfield.

Group D: Girlington B, Greenbank, TABS, Bradford Phoenix, West Bowling.

The league are holding a captains' and representatives' meeting on July 21 at Manningham Mills Sports and Community Association to explain about adhering to ECB and government Covid-19 guidelines.