KEIGHLEY Cougars have jumped on the Carole Baskin bandwagon, after the club got the Tiger King star to record a shoutout video to them.

Baskin, who is from Texas, achieved worldwide fame after starring in the aforementioned Netflix documentary series, alongside Joe Exotic, and has been making the most of lockdown over the past week by recording videos for fans.

In her video dedicated to Cougars, which lasts for just over a minute, she is pictured wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the words: "When you become fearless, you become limitless."

It also has a picture of a cougar on. She goes on to say that she thinks there is no sport on the planet tougher than rugby and encourages the townspeople and the club to keep going, and bounce back strongly once lockdown is over.

She might need to work on her pronunciation of Keighley though!