IN the latest edition of our look back through the T&A picture archives, here are five football teams from Thornton’s sporting past.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know in any of these great photos?

Our first picture is of Thornton FC in 1994.

PICTURE ONE: Thornton FC 1994 - Front: Alex Wormold, Ian Elsworth, Andy Killick, Keith Tordoff (trainer), Ray Green, Paul Mitchell. Back: Colin Dunn, Bob Yeadon, John Ashley, Alan Elsworth, Taff Thornton, Ian Ruthven, Steve Husband, Danny Marshall.

PICTURE TWO: Thornton 1990 - Back: Richard Firth, Ian Ruthven, Mick Shanks, Richard Shanks, Donald Haley, Paul Barwick. Front: John Holden, Garry Jackson, Danny Marshall, Lee Moulson, Steve Hutchinson.

PICTURE THREE: Thornton United 1993 - Back: Bob Grantham, Matthew Watson, Ian Elliot, Darren Holmes, Russell Raywood, Dave Cumberworth, Peter Burns, Joe Rickatson. Front: Dave Hartley, Paul Williams, Keith Thelwell, John Wright, Paul Craig, Roy Allen, Steve Gray.

PICTURE FOUR: Thornton United 1993 - Front: Steve Wilkinson, Keith Thelwell, Russell Raywood, Paul Craig, Roy Allen. Back: Lee Allen, Dave Cumberworth, Dave Hartley, Darren Holmes, Matthew Watson, Joe Rickatson, Chris Burgess, John Wright.

PICTURE FIVE: Thornton Travellers U12 1997 - Story: Thornton Travellers Under-12s with their new mascot, Luke Holliday, in December 1997.