IN the latest edition of our look back through the T&A picture archives, here are five football teams from the 1990s.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know in any of these great photos?

Up first, at Swain House Middle School in November 1994, the Ventus side were all ready to take on Victoria Rangers.

PICTURE ONE: Ventus 1994 - Front: Michael Nagy, George Turner, Jim Brame, Tony Marshall, Ralph Foxcroft, Mark Newton. Back: Stuart Spencer, Paul Knightson, Gareth Walton, Chris Burns, Frank Vento, Keith Turner, Paul Caton.

PICTURE TWO: Victoria Rangers 1994 - Front: Trevor Payne, Mel Williams, Eddie Strickland, Paul O’Connell, Steve Forrest. Back: Ian Kay, Mark Pawson, Stuart Pickard, Kevin Walsh, Ricky Warrell, Stuart Thompson, Gary Jackson.

PICTURE THREE: Park Sports 1995 - Back: A Singh, J Mirza, R Khan, A Sattar, D Singh, F Khan, I Butt. Front: Z Hussain, I Khan, N Sallman, A Khan, A Khan.

PICTURE FOUR: Milestone (no date) - Back: P Turner, C Goddard, J Devaney, L Warren, C Rhodes, M Uketchuk, G Mooney. Front: J Bowden, P Green, D Walton, L Conquest, P Regan, R Harrison, R Adams.

PICTURE FIVE: Royal Oak (no date) - Back: F Naseen, P Harrison, M Baker, S Rossendale, M Kerchin, D Northrop, T Graham. Front: M Hart, S Gartland, C Sampson, A Clarke, P Graham, S Graham.