IN the latest edition of our look back through the T&A archives, here are five team pictures of Tyersal Football Club from the past.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know in any of these great photos?

Striding out first is Tyersal Football Club and its 1994 team.

PICTURE ONE: Tyersal 1994 - Back, from left: Jeremy Illingworth, Andy Sugden, Rocky Stirk, John Chapman, Phil Bean, Andy Smith, Phil Wilsdon.

Front: Harry Foster, Mick McDonnell, John Brown, Jason Ryan, Russel Taylor, Allan Morley, Steve Wakeling, Kenny Davey (team manager?)

PICTURE TWO: Tyersal 1995 - Back, from left: D Jeng, P Wilsdon, P Brown, P Gallery, L Myers, B Morz, W Mohammed, L Horne. Front: N Kilner, C Jeng, T Abrahams, C Brown, J Wood.

PICTURE THREE: Tyersal 1996 - Back: A Smith, C Martin, P Thornton, P Booth, S Marsh, H Singh, P Brown, R Taylor. Front: A Sugden, L Elam, M Taylor, M McDonnell, C Bower, A Morley.

PICTURE FOUR: Tyersal 1985 - Story: There is no caption for this team line-up, but it is dated February 2, 1985. Do you recognise anyone in the photo?

PICTURE FIVE: Tyersal U15 - Story: There is no date or caption for this young football team line-up. Can you help us out with more information?