25 YEARS AGO: In the latest edition of our look back through the T&A picture archives, here are another five football teams from 1995, just like yesterday.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know in any of these great photos?

Our first picture, from April of that year, is of the Red House team, ready to play Tyersal at Bradford’s Cliffe Road pitch.

PICTURE ONE: Red House 1995 - Back row: David Chapman, David Holmes, Andy Harrison, Ali Garside, Brian Sunley, Tony Cummings, Colin Rodgers. Front row: Chris Morton, Andy Coatesworth, Steve Carter, Bob Clarke, Richard Lang.

PICTURE TWO: British Queen 1995 - Back, from left: T Martin, ?, J Carter, J McNally, M Stevens, G Mann, M McNamara. Front: C Hudson, P Royal, T Burk, R Dawes, A England, C Penrose, ?.

PICTURE THREE: Ital 1995 - Back: N Baker, N Ferraria, A Nesovic, G Kennedy, P Deklerk, D Kendall, S Lytwyn. Front: G Walker, N Lamburtino, M Dematteis, A Walker, B Johnson, O Malcolm, S Latif.

PICTURE FOUR: New Inn United 1995 - Back: D Walker, G Hickey, J Ford, A Robertson, P Firth, A Cookland, G Firth. Front: A Burrows, S Burrows, M Trueman, R Darling, I Crewe.

PICTURE FIVE: Park Sport 1995 - Back: A Sattar, A Khan, J Mirza, D Singh, I Butt, M Asim, S Hussain. Front: R Khan, F Khan, Z Hussain, S Malik, A Khan.