25 YEARS AGO: In the latest edition of our look back through the T&A picture archives, here are five football teams from 1995.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know in any of these great photos?

Pictured first, in February of that year, is the Market Tavern team, ready to play Bolton Woods on the King George V Playing Fields, Canal Road, Bradford.

PICTURE ONE: Market Tavern 1995 - Back, from left: Gary Kershaw, Arthur England, Chris Hudson, Martin Ward, Alan Holdsworth, Phil Mullaney, Frank Rafferty, Roger White. Front: Andy Gray, Steve Clay, John Hudson, Martin Larvin, Mark Taylor, Andy Dimbleby.

PICTURE TWO: Northward United 1995 - Back: D Henry, M Ellis, P Dillon, T Fennell, C Crampton, J Bell, M Lindo. Front: G Corriette, P Stanley, P Kerry, M Kemp, D Elvidge, A Illingworth.

PICTURE THREE: Eccleshill United 1995 - Front: S Knapton, P Cooper, R Dakin, L Dyson, J Kershaw, L Robinson. Back: A Dakin (manager), N Hird, D Rushby, K Noble, S Wilkinson, A Thompson, K Woodhead, J Killick.

PICTURE FOUR: Bowling PR 1995 - Front: R Waterhouse, L Gallagher, C Hogan, P Henson, P Boyce, D Indriks. Back: R North, T Harwood, M Ramsden, M Tendal, T Westerby, P Indriks, S Hayhurst.

PICTURE FIVE: Bolton Woods 1995 - Back: A Carlton, M Ali, C Wilkinson, R Cornwall, R Peel, S Dwyer, P Smith. Front: L Dapass, M Foster, D Smith, L Corbally, P Collett, M Burdett.