Heavy rain showers and strong gusty winds made fishing conditions difficult for Sunday’s match at Coppice Pond.

Only small fish were caught, with Tony Greenwood leading the way with over forty rudd.

The results were: 1. A. Greenwood 3lb 2oz, 2. A. Newman 3lb, 3. C. Dine 1lb 6oz.

There have been reports of an illegal trap being found recently on one of our waters

If you find or see anything suspicious, please contact a committee member and report it to the EA and the police. The numbers are in your yearbook.

The EA hotline is on 0800 80 70 60 and the contact number for the police is 101.


This week’s match is at Ulleskelf for the Walt Leary Memorial Trophy. This fishery has produced some good catches in recent days.

The recent death of Ron Fearnley has been attributed to Covid-19, a timely reminder not to relax social distancing.


The combination of the hottest day of the year, plus clear water, owing to very little boat traffic, made fishing difficult in the evening match.

The winner, R. Thorne, required only 9oz for first place. G. Watson was second with 6.5oz, while J. Mason finished third with 5oz.