IN the latest edition of our look back through the T&A archives, here are five rugby union pictures from years gone by.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know in any of these great photos?

Our first picture, from 1984, shows Bradford and Bingley’s line-up for their final match of the season against Birkenhead Park.

PICTURE ONE: Bradford and Bingley 1984 - From left, back: Simon Scull, Richard Basham, Martin Ingham, Dave Lightowler, Dave Nelly. Middle: Alan Birbeck (coach), Simon Abbey, Steve Burnhope, Andy Guest, Dave Crowe, Richard Dixon, Keith Loftus (touch judge). Front: Kevin Rooke, Duncan Barr, Bob Hood (captain), Michael Wellington, Bob Clavering. Foreground: Nick Cummins, John Hodgson.

PICTURE TWO: Bradford Rugby Union 1976-77 - Back: D Bartlett, D Whitehouse, A Bentley, J Doyle, B Clavering, D Knapper, J Wright, R Greaves. Front: D Roberts, D Hay, G Stead, R Davenport, R Milner, T Linton, D Lightowler.

PICTURE THREE: Bingley 1981 - Back: P Metcalfe, G Robinson, S Milnes, B Burton, S J Burnhope, R G D Glover, R A Minford, G Clark, C Moody, J J Speight. Front: D Burton, C Tullie, I S Kelt, A Duttine (captain), D Balmforth, K Butcher, A Gannon.

PICTURE FOUR: Bradford and Bingley 1982 - Back: A Solofarin, B Hood, P Rae, S Scull, P Wood, S Burnhope, C Storr, K Rooke, N Cummins. Front: M Ward, A Duttine, D Burton, D Bartlett, D Balmforth, S Milnes, S Booth, R Glover.

PICTURE FIVE: Bradford and Bingley 1983 - Back row: S Abbey, J Fletcher, B Clavering, M Ingham, B Hood, D Bartlett, A Guest, R Dixon, P Rae. Front: S Langton, D Barr, S Scull, J Riozzi (captain), N Cummins, A Gannon, K Rooke.