CITY are determined to end the “them and us” culture by listening to fans more in their decision-making.

Nearly 7,000 supporters have responded in the last two weeks to a club survey which hits its deadline at 5pm today.

The Bantams were keen to canvas opinions on what should happen with the refund money from their interrupted campaign.

There were still five home games to be played when the season suddenly stopped in March.

Director of communications Ryan Sparks insists City will seriously consider the replies before coming up with a solution next week.

And he stressed the club want the fans to feel more involved in decision-making to win back faith after a difficult few years.

Sparks said: “I want people to feel that when we are making a decision, we are making it collectively.

“We put out the survey for season tickets. It’s a case of ‘let’s do things together’.

“For a couple of years things haven’t been done like that. It has felt like the fans are stood over on Midland Road, we’re on Valley Parade and we just shout things across to each other.

“It’s about creating that sense of togetherness because you are weaker when you’re alone.

“I get asked if we listen to supporters. The ‘Our City’ season-ticket campaign was based on a chant I heard at Valley Parade, ‘we’ve got our City back’.

“It’s the people’s club and that’s what we’re determined to ensure.”

Season tickets for 2020/2021 remain on hold until clubs are given a restart date by the EFL. Sparks felt that taking them off sale in April was the only course of action to take – even if it has hit City in the pocket.

“We’ve turned off the final tap of revenue and that was done because we believe our supporters deserve respect.

“I’m not criticising other clubs that have left them on sale but I’m not sure about their justification.

“We’re very mindful of selling a product that doesn’t exist. Next season is still not guaranteed to some degree.

“Our decision was met by a reaction of, ‘why have you done this?’ People said they would have happily bought season tickets.

“That has never been disputed. But it’s about respect and respecting your fanbase.

“Put trust back in to clearly display to your supporters that you are with them.

“There are things we’re going to do in the future off the field and we are going to turn up that feeling of togetherness.

“This is the people’s club. The club is nothing without the fans.

“What the last few days have shown me is how utterly mind-numbing sport is to watch when there is nobody there. It reminds everyone how important people are.”

Sparks hopes the level of engagement with the season-ticket survey indicates that fans acknowledge the club’s efforts since the damaging Edin Rahic era.

He added: “Not every supporter can sit at board level and have a decision. But I don’t think that’s what a fan wants to do - they just want to feel they are being listened to.

“Even after a couple of disappointing seasons, things have probably improved in commercial terms and numbers of sponsors back in the club. There are more people working with us.

"It’s winning the hearts and minds of supporters."