IN the latest edition of our look back through the T&A archives, here are five rugby pictures from years gone by.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know in any of these great photos?

Our first picture is from 1957 and it shows the West Wharfedale side that took part in the Wharfedale Schools’ rugby union trials at Otley. West beat East 11-3.

PICTURE ONE: West Wharfedale 1957 - Back row, from left: F Mellor (referee), Tonner, Thompson, Harrison, Whitaker, Turner, Grainger, Graham and a linesman. Front: Thomas, Warin, Meachin, Smith, Whittingham, Marklew, Brown and Nutter.

PICTURE TWO: St George Rugby Team 1980 - Front (left to right): M Capel, J Singh, K Atkins (captain), C Spencer, K Whiteley, P Dyson, G Reynolds. Back: L Sellars, N Barker, C Raynor, R Priestley, M Doherty, A Malone, A Heptonstall, R Galtress (manager).

PICTURE THREE: Mandale U11 1997 - Back, from left: R Jagger, C Kulitrovsky, J Toas-Buta, K Newton, D Windle, P Brigg, A Broadbent, B Whyte, L Wakefield. Front: A Scrimshaw, D Brook, A Farrar, L Harry, J Illingworth, K Taylor.

PICTURE FOUR: Liversedge Secondary School Girls (no date) - In no particular order, the team's members are: Caroline Wailes, Emma Wloch, Rebecca Beaumont, Victoria Hagans, Helen Blackburn, Lisa Pettit, Alanna Wilson, Nicola Perrin, Lindsey Hardcastle.

PICTURE FIVE: Rhodesway U15 1993 - Story: Mrs Eileen Hirst presents new kit to Rhodesway U15 rugby team captain Andrew Barraclough.