IN the latest edition of our look back through the T&A archives, here are five rugby pictures from years gone by.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know in any of these great photos?

Our first picture shows the Bradford Salem side from 1985, who had just won a home tie against Northallerton in the second round of the Yorkshire Shield rugby union competition.

PICTURE ONE: Bradford Salem 1985 - Back, from left: Richard Birkett (touch judge), Josh Crooks, Stan Kaznowski, Tim Illingworth, Steve McGowan, Dave Armitage, Bob Mills, Sean Haydn, John Dobson, Paul Rae, Bob Dinsdale (club chairman). Front: Peter Breaks, Dave Farnell, Gareth Jones, Neil Klenk (captain), Guy Beaumont, Ian Cawthra, Gary Hainsworth, Tony Dobson.

PICTURE TWO: Bradford Salem 1960 - From left, back row: D Moulson, C H Magson, G A Cockroft, F D Harris, P Falkingham, J Hainsworth, E Lofthouse and G W Pennett. Seated: A Parrott, K Halliday, P Holt, K Mawson (captain), E S Milnes, A Farnell and A Lindley.

PICTURE THREE: Queensbury 1984 - From left, back: L Pearce (coach), A Senior, P Rodney, S Patch, A Larkin, A Cleghorn, R Cheney, T Jackson, B Whitehead, A Thornton. Front: A Senior (mascot), K Leng, K Baldwin (captain), G Crowther, S Cunningham, D Munro, N Newton.

PICTURE FOUR: Rhodesway U15 1983 - Standing from left are: W Saleem, D Taylor, J Lees, A Duggan, T Hoey, W Smith, M Robinson and R Singh. Kneeling: M Donkin, P Mitchell, A Carter, A Todd (captain), A Collins, J Thompson and J Roberts.

PICTURE FIVE: Yorkshire RU 1953 - Back: Dr Cooper, P Hodgson, P Pennston, J Butterfield, D Wilkins, D Greenwood, B Moran, N Wright, F Sykes, E Hopson. Middle: L Wilson, B Braithwaite, C Meredith, D Keller, D Vaughan, I King, R Oake. Front: E Hardy, D Shuttleworth.