IN the latest edition of our look back through the T&A archives, here are five team pictures from Lidget Green’s cricketing history.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know in any of these great photos?

Our first picture comes from August 1973. It shows Lidget Green’s second team, who had won the Priestley Shield after beating Undercliffe at Idle.

PICTURE ONE: Lidget Green 1973 - Back, from left: M Reynolds, J Whittam, A J Smith, B Wilkinson, A G Shann, M Burton. Front: P A Raper, D L Masson, B K Sutcliffe (captain), N Lambert, G P Terry.

PICTURE TWO: Lidget Green 1984 - Back, from left: J Atkinson (scorer), F Hussain, I Qayum, P Mann, T McGuire, S Atkinson, M Ahmed. Front: T Rukin, B Chippendale, D Dunne, G Jones, D Pears.

PICTURE THREE: Lidget Green 1985 - Standing, from left: F Hussain, A Orrell (scorer), M Ahmed, S Atkinson, T McGuire, S Tanvir, D Pears, M Smith (secretary). Seated: G Soames, L Hanson, T Rukin (captain), G Orrell, P Taylor.

PICTURE FOUR: Lidget Green 1993 - Front, left to right: D Dunne, T Malik, B South (captain), M Bhatti, M Dunne. Back, left to right: A Misra, M Clayton, A Broadley, J Roper, D Raistrick.

PICTURE FIVE: Lidget Green (no date) - Back, from left: A Misra, S Owen, J Roper, P Emerson, J Coulton. Front: J Shan, S Habib, D Dunne, P Wright, W Raja.