BRADFORD City’s director of communications Ryan Sparks has called for clubs not to put self-interest first ahead of today’s EFL vote and has questioned whether some of the alternative proposals put forward are workable.

League Two clubs announced their desire to curtail the season last month, and today’s vote should see that made official.

In terms of deciding what to do after that, it is expected that clubs will also vote to follow the EFL’s framework of proceeding with the traditional promotion, relegation and four team play-offs format.

The EFL want final placings to be decided on an unweighted points per game basis, but some relegation-threatened clubs have put forward alternative ideas.

Tranmere Rovers, currently 21st in League One, want a “margin of error” factored into an unweighted points per game system, which could save them, and see more teams potentially compete in the play-offs.

Meanwhile Stevenage, who are bottom of League Two, want relegation to be scrapped altogether from the bottom tier.

Commenting on some of those ideas ahead of today’s vote, Sparks said: “From an integrity perspective, we wouldn’t publish details of how we vote until the time is right to do so.

“We expect the majority of clubs to support the EFL’s proposal but we will wait and see.

“The majority of other models that have been provided, I think, are centred around self-interest.

“A couple are slightly unrealistic and there’s no mechanism to make them entirely possible, in my opinion. It will cost at least £500,000 to partake in the remaining games anyway, regardless of the possible structures - which clubs probably shouldn’t be voting on in the first place.

“The teams currently occupying play-off spots, in League Two at least, are back in full training - as they’ve pretty much been told games will happen.

“But other teams, like ourselves, are not and most teams outside of the play-offs are not prepared to return to training and play again as things stand.

“It would lead to further delays (in restarting the season if we were asked to come back) as it takes time to prepare teams for more games. And it would probably have a further impact on next season.”

Sparks added: “Lincoln have made a fair point regarding points deductions (proposing that they are factored in after the PPG calculation is made), so the EFL should look at that.

“But others appear keen to save themselves from relegation in whatever way they can. That’s not for the greater good of the game, despite what is being said.

“It goes against our beliefs that you should stay close to the rule books to maintain the integrity of the competition.

“Some of those other models don’t do that and, as I’ve said, there are some unanswered financial questions with the other proposals.”

Discussing the play-offs, which are very likely to go ahead in some capacity, Sparks said: “I don’t see League Two continuing (with a normal fixture list).

“But the EFL and the broadcasters want to get the play-offs to go ahead and the coronavirus testing seems to have gone fairly well from a League Two perspective.

“But at the moment, in the EFL, there’s only the Championship which has got a set date for returning, so it’s all still unclear at this stage when they might be played.”