IN the latest edition of our look back through the T&A picture archives, here are five cricket teams from years gone by.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know in any of these great photos?

With regards to our first picture, no one could have ever suggested that Salts did not give their youths a chance, as among their Division Two side during the 1980 season were several teenagers.

PICTURE ONE: Salts 1980 - Back, from left: Andrew Hutchinson, Martin Evans, Richard Illingworth, Mark Richardson, Dave Arnold, Bryn Robinson. Front: Malcolm Dent, Mark Boocock, Keith Illingworth (captain), Robert Sacchetto, Phil Buckroyd.

PICTURE TWO: Salts 1983 - Back, from left: A Hutchinson, I Derbyshire, K Rich, D Hiles, M Boocock, B MacDonald. Front: Scorer, P Oldham, J Robinson, K Illingworth (captain), R Whincup, P Tatton.

PICTURE THREE: Saltaire 1966 - Back, from left: K Hibbert, D Lewis, J Driver, S McGuffie, P McKelvey, A Fielding. Front: R Helm, J Young, J A Sanderson (captain), H Hayes, A Moorhouse.

PICTURE FOUR: Salts 1963 - Back, from left: H Barber, K J Turley, R Dolphin, A Broadbent, D Kendle, P Scott. Front: B Gartland, A Padgett, E J Sutton (captain), A Hodgson, T Rowe.

PICTURE FIVE: Salts 1976 - Back, from left: R Bradley, B Murphy, J Gifford, B Robinson, S Mitchell, J Dollimore. Front: M Richardson, K Illingworth (top run scorer with 318), R Bickley (captain), D O’Keefe (club secretary), F Williams.