IN the latest edition of our look back through the T&A archives, here are five team pictures from Saltaire’s cricketing history.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know in any of these great photos?

In our first picture, and hoping for better fortunes in the second half of the 1973 season, were members of Salts Cricket Club, who were propping up Division One of the Bradford League at the time.

PICTURE ONE: Salts 1973 - Back, left to right: G Storr, M Clegg, B Hodgson, P Nunn, E Walker, D Robinson. Front: R Bickley, T O’Connor, R Bradley (captain), M Swift, R King.

PICTURE TWO: Salts 1965 - Back, from left: J Wood, P Warner, D Thomas, R A Rowe, T Long, A Broadbent. Front: G Robinson, R Dolphin, E Sutton (captain), R Hurley, K Illingworth.

PICTURE THREE: Salts 1969 - Back, from left: T Gill, P Warner, B Mason, G Blackburn, M Mawson, B Sugden. Front: R Blomfield, P Gott, E J Sutton (captain), D Evans, M Swift.

PICTURE FOUR: Salts 1971 - Back, from left: B S Wood, N R Bradley, J Hall, C P Fordham, J Gordon, A Walter. Front: T Gill, D Robinson, M J Robey (captain), M P Clegg, M Mawson.

PICTURE FIVE: Salts (no date) - Back, from left: D Alderson, P Warner, D Thomas, W Wheeler, A Broadbent and G Lester. Front: R Killingworth, R A Rowe, E J Sutton (captain), K Illingworth and D Moorehouse.