CITY today promised fans that the new kit is on the way.

The club are confident of being in position to launch their home shirt next month – and will aim to get replica versions available to buy as soon as they can.

League Two rivals Plymouth have reported booming sales since they unveiled their look for 2020-2021 just over a week ago.

The Bantams would hope for a similar cash boost from football-starved fans when it comes to their shirt release - which is now expected to come out a month later than usual because of the pandemic.

“Everybody likes football kits and we are quite mindful to reveal the new look for next season,” said director of communications Ryan Sparks.

“As soon as they land in the country, and they are on their way to us now, we will be looking to turn it round as quickly as possible.

“We have been working towards a July date and have no reason to believe that it’s going to change.”

City signed off on new home, away and third kits with suppliers Avec Sport for next season around December – the standard time frame they work to.

But the COVID-19 outbreak immediately shut down production in China and that has created an inevitable backlog around the world.

With clubs starved of income since football was suspended in March, replica kit sales are viewed as a valuable financial source while the uncertainty goes on.

Plymouth, who are waiting for their promotion to be confirmed, reported record first-day numbers when their new shirts went on sale nine days ago – up 185 per cent on last year and 68 on the season before.

City are attempting to keep supporters informed of everything that is going on while they still wait for firm news on how the current campaign will be settled before a potential starting date for the next one can even be put forward.

The EFL meeting with clubs has been put back to Tuesday when it is expected League Two will unanimously opt to stop now as they vote on various proposals.

The major hold-up with the fourth tier is likely to be on deciding who will be relegated.

The new shirt going on sale would allow fans the chance to back the Bantams at a time when no revenue is coming in – and get something in return.

Sparks added: “Our supporters haven’t exactly had a fair shake over the past couple of years. We’re not looking for hand-outs and donations.

“We very much appreciate the kind of support we were shown last season with fans coming out in such numbers to give us another chance which some people would say the club didn’t deserve.

“We want to give them something tangible when they do spend their money and they have a product be it a season ticket or a shirt.

“We would encourage our supporters to trust that we are working our way through this the best way we can for the future of the club.

“These are obviously really difficult circumstances but we do not in any way underestimate the value and power of their support.

“When we turn on the green light, we’re going to see it because that’s what makes this club so special.”