IN the latest edition of our look back through the T&A picture archives, here are five football teams from years gone by.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know in any of these great photos?

Our first image captures the F. C. Monkey team from 1993.

PICTURE ONE: F. C. Monkey 1993 - Front, from left: Peter Walshe, Roger Marano, Gary Marano, Lee Downing, Wayne Phillipson, John Carter. Back: Geoff Dyson (manager), Andy Lawn, Tony Stead, Chris Gray, Darren Atkinson, Mark Carter, Richard Griffin.

PICTURE TWO: Mail Coach Odsal (no date) - In no particular order: L Beatee, I Royston, C Brown, K Grainger, L Royston, P Nichols, T Wood, C Templeton, D Benn, S Eyles, A Garland, R Helliwell, P Lunn.

PICTURE THREE: Microvitec (no date) - Back, from left: D Labad, V Evans, A Gregory, G Wardman, P Carling, E Daly, E Dunn, E McLean (manager). Front: B Cheale, M Dewar, A Guy, P Willis (captain), G Binns, A Leahy.

PICTURE FOUR: Milestone 1993 - Front, from left: P Turner, R Harrison, J Ryan, B Brown, A Houlden. Back: J Mooney, T O’Neil, P Asquith, G Ryan, S Taylor, L Warren, J Devanney, D Hanson (manager).

PICTURE FIVE: Moonraker 1994 - Back, from left: P Knowles, P Whitehouse, J Bottomley, D Crossland, A Kenny, P Beck and M Beck. Front: N Moulson, D Lister, M Milburn and T Ashcroft.