IN the latest edition of our look back through the T&A archives, here are five pictures of Manningham Mills Football Club.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know in any of these great photos?

Our first picture shows an undated Manningham Mills team line-up, complete with a couple of substitutes. Can you help us out with an order and a date?

PICTURE ONE: Manningham Mills (no date) - In no particular order: Ian Bottom, Andy Finch, Mark Taylor, Wayne Ormston, Simon Holdsworth, Andy Wilson, Andy McGregor, Ashraf Hussain, Mick Thomas, Andy Ward, Tony Jenkinson. Subs: Phil Saville and Richard Gunn.

PICTURE TWO: Manningham Mills 1989 - Back, from left: P Birrane, A Hussain, A Greenwood, T Hussain, J Bell, S Holdsworth, A Wilson, B Finch (manager). Front: R Gunn, M Taylor, A McGregor, A Finch, W Ormston, T Coates.

PICTURE THREE: Manningham Mills 1989 - Back, from left: T Hussain, A Cook, G Payne, A Greenwood, A Ward, S Holdsworth, R Gunn. Front: W Ormston, A Finch, A Wilson, N Thompson, M Taylor, T Coates.

PICTURE FOUR: Manningham Mills 1992 - Back, from left: J Jorden, A Hussain, P Saville, W Ormston, I Longbottom, M Thomas, A Greenwood, S Holdsworth. Front: M Taylor, A McGregor, A Finch, A Wilson, R Gunn, T Jenkinson.

PICTURE FIVE: Manningham Mills 1993 - Back, from left: M Taylor, I Wilson, W Ormston, G Payne, N Thompson, A McGregor, P Mumby. Front: R Gunn, A Wilson, P Wilson, S Hussain, S Kumar, A Yates.