CITY insist they can stay “ahead of the curve” to avoid being caught cold when the current League Two limbo is over.

The club are still anxious to find out a rough idea of when next season is likely to kick off – something that will not happen until the EFL sanction how the current interrupted campaign will play out.

The Bantams hope to be told that next week after Monday’s meeting between the clubs and the governing body, when the vote to stop is expected.

But they are determined to keep furloughed staff, players and fans informed during the on-going uncertainty.

Director of communications Ryan Sparks said: “We’re trying to focus our attention on next season, as difficult as that is because we don’t know when it’s going to start.

“We’re looking to keep the staff who are furloughed in the loop as far as possible. It’s the same with the playing squad.

“We’re well within the timeframes because, as things stand, the (current) season still exists and next season doesn’t.

“But we’re mindful that we want to get ahead of the curve and not be reacting to things. We just want to be a little bit in front because we know that things could happen very quickly.”

With the FA Cup final pencilled in for August 1, the 2020-2021 season is not expected to begin before September at the earliest but City say they will be ready for all eventualities.

“You might get six or eight weeks of pre-season before we start again,” added Sparks.

“We’re also mindful from a broadcasters’ perspective, there may be pressure to start earlier and we might have very limited time to be ready.

“We’re aware of that on every level, from recruitment right through to running the business day-to-day. We’re trying to be as prepared as we can be.

“There are a number of things that we’ve planned to do in the summer, fans forums, events, whatever.

“Some of them will have to fall by the wayside, some will naturally look very different.

“What we’re trying to do at the moment is get as many things done and dusted as we can and in place at a commercial level.

“We’re also talking to individual supporters and we’re currently looking to address ticket and potential refunds.

“We’re looking at schemes and potential surveys that our supporters can answer and help make the decisions on what might be best. We’re hoping to bring that to people very soon.”

City’s staff have been on furlough since the start of April and Valley Parade remains closed. Those still working continue to do it remotely from home.

The club may consider following the government guidelines and bring some back on a part-time basis from next month.

“We’re not working at the stadium at the moment,” said Sparks. “There is no reason to do so until we can guarantee people’s safety.

“We will continue to work from home, so I guess bringing people back in who are currently furloughed will be based on the needs of the business.

“There are certain areas that are beginning to wake up a little bit after a hibernation period. There are others that remain closed.”