STUART McCall is jealous of Project Restart.

Momentum is gathering for domestic football to return behind closed doors next month.

The Premier League will come back on June 17 and other EFL clubs are starting their preparations.

City are still waiting for the League Two regular season to officially be cancelled.

A week on from the meeting between the division’s clubs and the EFL – when it was unanimously decided to call a halt to the suspended campaign – there is still no indication when the governing body will be asking for a formal vote.

But the EFL have indicated they are keen to maintain promotion and relegation.

The top three when the season was stopped – Swindon, Crewe and Plymouth - are all expected to go up to League One automatically on an unweighted points-per-game format with the next four clubs fighting it out in the play-offs.

Northampton, who would be due to face Cheltenham once that has been ratified, were set to carry out COVID-19 testing on their players and staff yesterday ahead of restarting training on Monday.

Colchester, set to take on Exeter in the other semi-final, have said they will reconvene in the coming days.

Meanwhile, City are among the majority of clubs in League Two who remain furloughed and McCall admitted it will be tough to watch others looking forward to returning to action.

He said: “I’m envious reading about Keith Curle looking forward to getting back to training with Northampton.

“You turn on the telly and watch the Premier League lads and bits about them being able to train again.

“It gets you going and you want to be back. It is tough.

“Obviously I’m not stupid. I understand the situation at the moment.

“You only have to watch the news and see what’s going on at Southend beach to realise you’ve got to be careful. Everyone knows that.

“But over 1,000 football people were tested first off and only two came back positive. The numbers have been very low and that’s a sign that it’s going in the right way.”

The Bundesliga in Germany were the first major league to emerge from the coronavirus lockdown after football was stopped around Europe in mid-March. They are beginning their fourth round of matches without fans this weekend since resuming a fortnight ago.

McCall added: “I watched the first one between (Borussia) Dortmund and Schalke.

“It’s supposed to be a derby but it wasn’t really for me because there was no atmosphere. I’d rather watch back games like the ’78 World Cup and stuff like that.

“But I am envious to see teams in England getting back out to train again. That’s personally what I’ve done all my life and I would love to be part of that.

“It’s been too long. But I’m sure it’s the same with anyone in life, they want to get back to a bit of normality. I’m fortunate that I love the job I do.

“I’ve had a few gaps longer than this before. I was away from football for 11 months when I left Bradford first time round.

“But it’s the not knowing (when we’ll be back) and the uncertainty.”