BARRY GALLAGHER continues his rundown on the City team from 1982 that won promotion from Division Four.


Watto was predominately right-footed but played most of his games at left back.

He would work tirelessly on his left foot to make himself a better player and succeeded.

Watto would give his all in every game and, off the field, would be there if you had a problem. He dished out good advice for myself and other young lads at the time.

We went on to play together at Halifax Town and on one occasion in a game he broke his jaw. But he never moaned once, just got on with it and treated things as if it was just another day.

He was a great pro and is still a good friend. He could talk a chair hind leg to death and that has not changed!


Billy was a wee guy who joined us from Burnley. He was five foot nothing but when he walked over the white line he grew to 6ft 6in in his mind and no one got the better of him.

A midfield general who fought for the team and demanded the same from everyone else. A pocket battleship all rolled into one and a great example to everyone.

Sadly, Billy is no longer with us but will never be forgotten. RIP Billy.


Charlie was a great player, not the quickest but had bundles of ability. He was a great passer of the ball and could put his foot in as well as anyone.

Charlie could conjure something from nothing and when we needed someone to create a move or come up with a chance, he usually obliged.

Nothing fazed him - even in the big games, he was calmness personified. A top man and a top player.


A Scot and proud of it. Again, Blackie wasn’t the quickest but for what he lacked in pace he made up for with his ability.

He was another good passer of the ball and could put it on a sixpence if needed. He would twist defenders inside out and could cross with either foot.

He used to cycle to the ground for training and one day we tied his bike to the floodlights where the players used to come out and he didn’t find it for a week!


Joe was built like a brick outhouse and was as strong as an ox.

Cookie had great pace too and when he got in his stride nobody ever caught him. Strong in the air at both ends of the pitch, it never bothered him whether he played at the back or up front and he always gave his all.


He was a great complement to whoever he played with upfront. Stani could play the hold-up player or the main target man. He was definitely a team player and knew where the net was.


Daisy came to us from Leeds United as the original super sub. A few people thought he was a bit overweight but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

When Daisy got undressed his body was like a Chippendale, albeit a small Chippendale. He had great pace over the first five yards and good balance, scoring 19 league goals that season.


Mega was the joker off the pitch but what a talent on it. He could make life hell for a defender for 90 minutes.

He could twist one way or the other and then again and the crowd loved it. But (Bobby) Campbell didn’t.

Half-time would come and Bob would grab Mega by his shirt and tell him in no uncertain terms, ‘When you have beaten the full back, cross the damn ball first time or I will kill you!’

Mega learned very quickly to do as he was told and became a great winger.


As a player I was very deceptive, I was even slower than I looked. But I had a decent amount of ability and was the so called “dead-ball expert” for the team.

I consider myself the luckiest guy walking the face of this earth to have been able to play alongside some of these legends.


Don Goodman was bang on, Bobby was the Godfather. For me, the best centre-forward Bradford City has ever seen and a huge character.

On the pitch he was the leader, home or away he would take more than his fair share of knocks for the team. His upper body strength was fantastic.

He would say, ‘Gallagher as soon as you see my arm go across the centre-half, put the ball in the space in front of me, nobody gets past this arm’ and sure enough, they never did!

Off the pitch Cam was the pied piper and we followed willingly. The stories – well, they went with the big fella when he left us.