JAMES Carr, the new Regional Director of Women’s Cricket for the North East and Yorkshire, says he won’t be “reinventing the wheel” when it comes to growing the female game within the regions.

Carr has been appointed as one of the eight heads of the new Regional Centres of Excellence, a structure brought in by the ECB as they bid to drive that area of the game forwards.

He knows he has plenty of work to do in his new role, but also said: “Even though this is a new domestic structure here, there’s already some really good stuff happening in Yorkshire, Durham and Northumberland.

“There’s already some really good structures and practices in place. It’s just about fine tuning them rather than reinventing the wheel.”

An obvious aim for Carr is to continue to produce England cricketers such as Katherine Brunt and Lauren Winfield - effectively ensuring ‘A strong Yorkshire is a strong England’. But it is far from his only goal.

He said: “It’s actually about associating cricket as a female sport.

“There’s a place for women at all levels and ages to be involved in the game, playing or otherwise.

“My role is performance related, but the women’s game will be nothing without the engine room - youngsters playing All Stars cricket and playing with a hard ball for the first time at their clubs.

“We will always produce England cricketers. There will always be enough cream to supply an England team. But how do we keep stretching ourselves to get stronger and stronger?

“Our arch-rivals Australia have got some serious depth and professionalism within their game, and we’ve got to try and match them on that.”