IN the latest edition of our look back through the T&A picture archives, here are five cricket teams from years gone by.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know?

In our first picture, we can see Baildon’s 1988 team, who were making a bold bid to avoid relegation.

PICTURE ONE: Baildon 1988 - Back, from left: Andy Baxter, Robert Wade, Steve Atkinson, Ashley White, Richard Robinson, Lyndon Day, Rajesh Dani. Front: Geoff Kay, Nick Davies, John Marshall, Philip Robinson.

PICTURE TWO: Baildon 1986 - Back, from left: David Bentley, Alan Forrest, Phil Robinson, Andy Baxter, Ashley White and Asad Rauf. Front: Geoff Kay, John Marshall, Stuart Herrington, Tony Brassington and Steve Atkinson.

PICTURE THREE: Baildon 1991 - Back, from left (one name missing): Alan Forrest, Mark Webster, Robert Todd, Steve Atkinson, Mick Fletcher, Emmerson Sealey. Front: Paul Kirby, Bob Chadwick (captain), Andy Baxter, Geoff Kay.

PICTURE FOUR: Baildon 1996 - Back row, from left: Richard Robinson, Mark Bray, Jamie Robinson, Paul Miller, Andy Walker and Mansoor Rana. Front: Simon Davies, John Marshall, Mick Emmerson (captain), Steve Lee and Rhys Burston.

PICTURE FIVE: Baildon 1960 - Back row, left to right: D Webster, R Green, E Rollinson, C Small and P B Tomlinson. Front row, left to right: W Metcalfe, N O Robson, G W Moore (captain), J R Burnet and J C Scholey.