THE Bulls face being hit the hardest if the Championship resumes behind closed doors.

The club have stressed that they are firmly against playing the season without crowds if it comes to that.

The behind-closed-doors option is not one that the second and third tier are keen to pursue as they look at ways to possibly get back on the field this year.

Bulls chief executive Mark Sawyer admitted they would suffer more than most without any gate receipts from their temporary Dewsbury base.

“We would have the biggest cross to bear at Bradford if we had to play behind closed doors,” he said.

“The problem is that such a large percentage of the income comes from playing matches, which doesn’t always apply at other clubs.

“At Dewsbury, our percentage from matches is not substantial compared to other income streams. But Bradford’s matchday income is a massive percentage.

“You would soon be in difficulties if you didn’t have any income.”

Championship clubs are putting their heads together as part of a working group set up with the RFL to consider the costs of trying to restart the season when it is felt safer to do so.

Sawyer added: “It would be extremely difficult for clubs to play behind closed doors because of the financial aspect on top of the logistical issues. It would be very expensive.

“The Bradford crowds have been quite good in the first games this year.

“The season-ticket uptake, although not as high as last year, was only around 15 per cent less which is a superb response from the fans.

“I would say that playing behind closed doors is highly unlikely.

“The RFL have asked for feedback and it’s too early to say what would happen. But a vast percentage have indicated that running a season behind closed doors was just totally impossible.

“We’ve made it clear that we would be against it for that reason.”

It is still unlikely that the Championship will be able to play again in 2020 but Sawyer has sensed slightly more optimism among clubs. He insists they have not given up on the idea of a slimmed-down league in front of fans.

“We’re looking at everything possible to try and put some sort of season up that will result in a promotion option and give the fans something they are able to watch.

“It’s not a total dead donkey at the moment. The clubs are putting in as much effort as possible to try and do something.

“There’s still a great chance that we won’t play again but there is more of a chance than before that there can be some fixtures.

“It may well be that we play some matches in September, October and November. One of the options that we’ve been discussing among clubs is playing each other once and running a 13-fixture league.

“Time is rolling on but they’ve indicated in Ireland that they might be able to get some spectators back in August in stadia. We’ve got to look at that and think it’s a possibility.

“The last thing the clubs wanted to do is get the white flag out and say that’s the end of the season when it might not need to be.”