IN the latest edition of our look back through the T&A picture archives, here are five teams from Queensbury’s historic cricket club.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know?

Pictured first are the Queensbury members looking rather cosy in one of the oldest images of the team we have on file, taken on June 4, 1960.

PICTURE ONE: Queensbury 1960 - Back, from left: T Kingett, D Dent, G Tyson, D Keeton, P Jackson, B Reilly. Front, from left: G Blackburn, A Exley, H Woodford (captain), J Moule, S Longbottom.

PICTURE TWO: Queensbury 1961 - Back row, left to right: G Irwin, M S Greenwood, P Jackson, M Moulson, B Reilly, B Bulman. Front row, left to right: D Keeton, A Exley, J Moule (captain), D Dent, S Longbottom.

PICTURE THREE: Queensbury 1962 - Seated, left to right: B Stockhill, D Dent, P Jackson (captain), J Moule and B Bulman. Standing, left to right: D Keeton, M Brown, A Waitt, J Cardwell, D Andrews and M Moulson.

PICTURE FOUR: Queensbury 1965 (one man short) - Back, from left: D Dent, D Tordoff, M Malloney, E Senescall and C Norfolk. Front: B Collier, D Brotherton, D Keeton, J Moule and J Pinchun.

PICTURE FIVE: Queensbury (no date) - Back, from left: J Rawnsley, J Boston, A Qadus, S Helliwell, R Hill, T Jackson, C Howes. Front: M Bhatt, S Whittaker, C Blundell and J Rashir.