IN the latest edition of our look back through the T&A picture archives, here are five cricket teams from years gone by.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know?

In our first photograph, we can see Buttershaw St Paul’s Under-18s, who remained unbeaten throughout the season, winning the Bradford Central Junior League, the Tom Joy Cup and the play-off finals in 1987.

PICTURE ONE: Buttershaw St Paul's U18s 1987 - Back, from left: Adele Cull (scorer), Darren Charlton, Stephen Brooke, David Bowles, Simon Lee, Mark Jozefek, Derek Wharf (coach). Front: Andrew McGill, Alex Wharf, Paul Kane (captain), D Winter, Stephen Scott.

Absent when the picture was taken were Martin Kelly, Craig Hodnett and Darren Beck.

PICTURE TWO: Buttershaw St Paul's 1979 - Back, from left: P Crossland, G Jenkinson, L Myers, A Melrose, A Cull, S Whitaker. Front: D Wharf, R Cull, D Chubb (captain), B Tordoff, G Moore.

PICTURE THREE: Buttershaw 1991 - Back, from left: D O’Connell, S Howard, N Helliwell, A Hirst, M Lee and S Howard. Front: A Wharf, A McGill, B Cull (captain), G Jones and M Kelly.

PICTURE FOUR: Buttershaw St Paul's 1993 - Back, from left: A Asghar, S Howard, Z Najib, A Leigh, A Braithwaite, D O’Connell. Front: M Kelly, L Bentley, R Cull, S Mahmood, D Witters.

PICTURE FIVE: Bowling Old Lane (no date) - Back, from left: J Laney, N Hanson, C Russell, M Hanson, G Rehman, M Stevenson, K Khoker (scorer). Front: I Dewhirst, D Waddell, R Coats, R Middlebrook, S O’Dowed.